One step at a time
Present Tense
Negative Questions

To Be + Subject + not + Complement
Am          I             not      a student ?
Are          you       not      a student ?
Is             he         not      a student ?
Is             she       not      a student ?
Is             it           not      a desk ?
Are         we         not      students ?
Are         you        not     students ?
Are         they       not     students ?
Present Tense
Negative Questions
(To Be + not) + Subject + Complement
Aren't           I                  a student ?
Aren't          you             a student ?
Isn't             he               a student ?
Isn't             she             a student ?
Isn't             it                 a desk ?
Aren't         we              students ?
Aren't         you            students ?
Aren't         they          students ?